Life Aboard the USS Florida Is A Lot Like Living In An ‘Underwater City’

Submarines are a force unto themselves in many ways. They are some of the most complex, sophisticated machines every developed in human history. Because of this, their story is also complex.

In this video you will see much of that complexity. You will see also what life is like aboard an Ohio class submarine; in this case, the USS Florida.

I have been on board a Los Angeles class nuclear submarine before and it is like a “tiny home” in comparison to the Ohio class subs.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
The USS Florida.

In the following video, you’ll get a sense of the space on board one of these huge boats and how it is used here in the video, but what it is like to serve on one of these behemoths is only known by a comparative few of those who have served and are presently serving on one of these incredible boats. Submariners are a breed unto themselves.

Source: YouTube/Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Making life comfortable aboard this massive submarine requires all kinds of skillsets.

The kinds of things these modern subs can do today, as compared to WWII, or even Vietnam, are incredible. For a simple example, these submariners can keep in touch with their families via email due to the fact that the communication technologies, even under water, have achieved far superior abilities than ever before. This, among all the other very important things these submarines represent, is a major factor concerning the morale of the crews.

Source: YouTube/Planes, Trains & Automobiles
The USS Florida is tugged out to sea.

You will also get a sense of the boat’s operations and even of the potential effects this multi-dimensional weapon has on the surrounding ocean.

Source: YouTube/Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Submariners take keepsakes of their family and friends with them.

Enjoy this very informative video. Know that these submarines and their crews are on watch all around the world.

The Veterans Site sends its respect and thanks to all who voluntarily choose to serve in the submarine service.

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