USS Cincinnati Commissioned In Navy Ceremony At Gulfport, Mississippi

A report on Cincinnati News Public Radio reveals that the latest of the new littoral combat ships has been delivered to the United States Navy. She was commissioned recently in Gulfport, Mississippi, as the newest of the Navy’s littoral combat ships, the USS Cincinnati (LCS-18). She was built by Austal USA and was delivered last June for trials.

The USS Cincinnati is one of the 19 ships to be built under a $4.5 billion contract between the U.S. Navy and Austal USA. She is the 10th to be built of the Independence-variant of littoral combat ships. USS Cincinnati is the 18th littoral combat ship to enter the fleet.

Source: YouTube/USNI News Video

I’ve written about these littoral combat ships in the past. They are a truly unique ships with a very sleek looking, “Star Wars-like” design that are made for a wide variety of missions close to the shore and carry a lethal mix of weapons systems. They are very fast, agile ships with shallow drafts that can be used for both surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare, as well as for mine counter-measures. They are powered by two 29,000 horsepower gas turbine engines that will propel the ship at speeds in excess of 40 knots, or 46 mph.

Source: YouTube/USNI News Video

USS Cincinnati will be the 5th iteration of ships with that name. She was preceded by the USS Cincinnati ironclad ship that was part of the Union Navy during the Civil War. Commissioned in 1861, this ship was followed by the USS Cincinnati (C-7), commissioned in 1894 and serving during WWI, ending her career in 1919. Then came the USS Cincinnati (CL-6), a light cruiser commissioned in 1924 that would serve during WWII and be decommissioned in 1946. The next iteration was the USS Cincinnati (SSN-693) a Los Angeles class attack submarine.

Source: YouTube/USNI News Video

According Cincinnati News Public Radio, one of the 70 crewmen who are serving on board the newly commissioned USS Cincinnati (LCS-18) is Chief Gunner’s Mate, Kara Rush. She expressed how proud she is to serve on board the Cincinnati to a local reporter saying, “It feels amazing, actually. To be honest, Ohio doesn’t get recognized for a lot of things…and for an actual Navy warship to recognize Ohio, that’s a big honor.”

Source: YouTube/USNI News Video

The first mission for those 70 crewmen will be to get the newly minted warship to its new homeport at Naval Base San Diego, California.

The Veterans Site sends its best wishes to the officers and crew of the Navy’s newest littoral combat ship, the USS Cincinnati (LCS-18). You have a great tradition to follow and to build upon.

May you enjoy Fair Winds and Following Seas.

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