What Happens When Fire Fighting Airmen Are Placed On Afghan Front Lines?

Every military service has their firefighters, unique firefighting capabilities, and expertise. But the airmen you will meet in this video are a unique lot indeed.

There are six of them. They are well-trained and ready firefighters, but this group has been deployed to a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Afghanistan. They are there to bring their expertise in firefighting capabilities and to work alongside and to support their Army compatriots.

Their operation is actually set up “outside the wire” at this FOB and they are right along a major road used by Afghan locals. They have to provide for their own security and sometimes patrol with their Army brothers and sisters, so they are being stretched beyond their normal parameters in this deployment.

But listen to these young and dedicated Air Force firemen as they explain the daily realities and responsibilities that have been place on their young shoulders.

They are committed, and eager to learn their new duties that go along with those that they are there to provide to the soldiers on the FOB. They will make you proud. They have found themselves in an unusual position, but they know the importance of their responsibilities and are ready to carry them out.

The Veterans Site wishes to offer its thoughts and prayers to these young Air Force firefighters. We honor and respect what you are doing and wish you Godspeed!

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