OMG! You Won’t Believe What Happens At :13! It Blew My Mind!

The U.S. Navy sends men, women, and equipment all over the world across ground, air, and sea with some of the most incredible technology and military vehicles that have ever been created. For some of those men and women, that means traveling and patrolling around the world for months at a time 800 feet or more below the surface of the ocean.

Naval submarines are some of the most amazing machines in our military arsenal. The current fleet of nuclear powered subs can stay underwater for as long as they have supplies, considering they never have to surface for air thanks to the onboard oxygen creation. So as long as the crew has food and water to keep nourished, they can stay underwater for as long as their mission requires.

But when these magnificent machines do need to finally make a trip to the surface, it creates quite an astonishing spectacle!

Check out the video below to see a sub surface in action!

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