US Navy Veteran Is Reunited With His Stolen Therapy Dog

When we have a special dog in our life, they mean more to us than any of our possessions. Perhaps that is why James Booth felt the way that he did after his car was stolen.

Although he was concerned about the automobile, it was Ladybug, his therapy dog, that he worried about more than anything else.

Ladybug is a therapy dog for Booth, who is a Navy veteran living in Minnesota. She is a mix of a retriever, pitbull, and Shar-Pei and has been a part of his life for 10 years, according to a local news station, KARE11.

Photo: Twitter/
Saint Paul Police Department

The St. Paul Police Department also said that she is registered as a therapy dog through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Booth says that Ladybug gives him a lot of support and referred to her as his “best friend.” According to the police department, the dog helps him with some type of medical issues.

The incident happened when the car was parked at Catholic Charities. Ladybug was inside of the 2008 Dodge Caliber when it was stolen.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

They knew that time was of the essence, so officials took to social media to post pictures and asked for help. Booth was concerned about the disappearance of his dog, especially during the first few days when he was concerned that he wouldn’t see her again.

He told KARE11: “I couldn’t sleep and when I did kind of nod out, I’d have nightmares that something happened to her. I didn’t think I was going to get her back.”

Just a couple of days later, however, somebody saw the car and reported it to the police. When officers showed up, Ladybug was inside of the car along with a 33-year-old woman.

The woman went to jail, but the dog was sent back home again.

Photo: Twitter/
Saint Paul Police Department

Ladybug is now back with the man who considers her to be a best friend.

She’s going to be loving life because his plans are to go get her a “big ol’ steak.”

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