“Until They Are Home” Trailer

This is a new film that will premier Memorial Day 2012 in Los Angeles. It is called Until They Are Home. It is a film that ought to be seen by every American. It reveals the the realities the U.S. Marines battle for Tarawa, one of the bloodiest battles our U.S. Marines ever fought in over the course of their history. It also speaks to the nation’s duty to bring those lost Marines who were left there home.

The film is the result of one WWII Veteran Marine who, like all good Marines, refused to leave his buddies behind. His efforts to bring the attention of the government and the nation to the effort to repatriate the remains of those brave Marines has been documented in this new film.

When this film comes to your town, go see it. Go see it to remember the cost of freedom that those Marines paid so that we could enjoy the benefits and opportunities that this country offers us as citizens.

We must not forget. There are over 78,000 POW/MIA veterans who still need to be found and brought home. Until the are home we remain incomplete.

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