This Heroic Army Veteran Was Shot At Least Five Times Attempting To Stop A School Shooter

On October 1, 2015, a man at Umpqua Community College shot 10 people and wounded seven others in Roseburg, Oregon. This horrible tragedy weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of Americans across the country.

The Douglas County Sheriff initially did not release the name of the shooter because he did not want to draw attention to individuals committing such awful and terrifying acts of violence, and we will do the same.

However, there is one man who we would like to bring attention to, a man who was willing to sacrifice himself in order to save others amidst the chaos; that man was an army veteran.

Chris Mintz is recovering in the hospital after being shot at least five times in an attempt to save his fellow classmates and stop the gunman. Mintz, 26, is originally from North Carolina and served in the U.S. Army for about 10 years.

According to accounts given to Huffington Post, Mintz stood up during the shooting and attempted to block the shooter from going through the doorway of a classroom. For this, he was shot three times. Mintz’ aunt reported that he then told the shooter it was his son’s birthday that day. For this, he was shot two more times. NBC also reported that Mintz’ legs were broken in the altercation, although the cause of these injuries is still unknown. Police quickly made it onto the scene, where they took down the shooter.

While Mintz is recovering, it is important that we send our thoughts out to him, his family, and all of the victims affected by this horrible tragedy. Folks in this community will need to be strong, but with the support of their fellow Americans, they will recover. Mintz’ actions are only one example of the heroism that took place that day. We’re sure there are many others. It is our hope that by sharing their stories of courage, we will all become stronger in the face of evil.

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