Double Amputee Wounded Vet Found New Life In Fitness

Noah Galloway served in the United States Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. During a nighttime drive, a roadside IED explosion hit his vehicle. Galloway was severely injured, and ended up as a double amputee, losing his left arm and leg.

However, this veteran still had more obstacles to overcome in order to be who he is today. After returning injured from overseas, Noah fell into a depression and addiction, and stopped taking care of himself the way he should. He finally reached his breaking point and made some major changes in his lifestyle and habits, which in turn drastically improved his well-being.

Galloway started focusing on fitness — as well as family — and began entering fitness competitions. Not only did he enter them, he started winning fitness competitions. He reached the point where he became a fitness instructor, helping people overcome whatever obstacles they have to achieve their goals.

The popular magazine Men’s Health recognized his determination and gave him the title of the 2014 Ultimate Men’s Health Guy!

Hear more of Noah’s inspiring story in the video below!

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