What the Heck is This Thing!?

What you’ll see in this video is roughly a decade’s worth of hard work, planning, and innovation. The machine’s name is the Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector (UHAC), and this UHAC prototype–which, at 38 tons, is half the size of what the final version will be, and moves at less than half the speed–is expected to replace the U.S. Navy’s current hovercraft. Because its tracks can grind over rugged terrain AND paddle across the sea, the UHAC has the potential to be an ideal transport vehicle for our troops and their gear.

Yes the UHAC looks to be a vehicle from the future but is the future ready for this type of vehicle just yet? While replacing the current hovercraft is the goal, we are not convince that it is ready for that job just yet. The main concern seems to be the speed of the vehicle. Yes at 38 tons and getting heavier it might be the only downside. Then again it is only a prototype, we will just have to wait and see.

Watch the UHAC’s testing in Hawaii!

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