U.S. Navy Teaches Pirates A Lesson They Will Never Forget!

In 2012, a small band of Somali pirates spotted what they thought looked like a large cargo ship in the dead of night. From that (grossly mistaken) conclusion, the pirates decided to attack the sea vessel. They attempted to overtake the crew and hijack the “cargo ship” by firing shots at it — only to discover that the “cargo ship” they’ve engaged in battle is actually the USS Nicholas. Oops!

The USS Nicholas is a guided-missile frigate in the United States Naval fleet. During the botched hijacking attempt, the Nicholas sank the pirates’ boat with ease. But the Navy crew wasn’t done with the attack there. The USS Nicholas proceeded to then find and sink the pirates’ mothership to put an end to their violence and protect future ships from attack.

At the end of the encounter, five Somali pirates were taken aboard and placed in detention in the Nicholas’ brig to await trail for their crimes. As Rachel Maddow said in this clip at the time, the Navy really is more than a job — it’s an adventure!

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