Soldier Surprises His Daughter At School

Thinking the day at school was going to be just like any other, this Army daughter’s day was about to turn around with a surprise — a really big surprise!

Her father, a member of the United States Army, had been deployed to Afghanistan for sometime, and like with all military families, he was deeply missed. Military families sacrifice so much for our country, as well as the brave men and women serving in the Armed Forces, since they have to deal with the worry, separation, and time lost with loved ones during deployments and training.

This soldier and dad had just returned home from Afghanistan, and his daughter was under the impression that she wouldn’t see him for at least another month. He had other plans. Visiting her school and having the school nurse film the visit, the Army dad snuck into his daughter’s classroom while her back was turned and whispered in her ear, “I bet you weren’t planning to see me today.”

What happens next is absolutely magical!

Watch this heartwarming surprise homecoming in the video below!

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