Navy SEAL Remembers Dog Who Bravely Served And Died In Battle

There is no loyalty like that of military working dogs have with their handlers. These dogs have no fear and are so attached to their handlers, so dedicated to their mission and both have absolute confidence in each other.

Tyson, a Belgian Malinois, was one of the best of them. He was attached to a Navy SEAL Team and served his team with uncommon distinction, skill and utter faithfulness. Sadly, Tyson was killed in action recently and the loss to his handler and to the team is a heavy one indeed.

Source: YouTube/ABC 10 News
Navy SEAL dog Tyson.

His handler was not able to talk about the loss, so we get a perspective on Tyson from one of the other SEAL Team members here in this video. Tyson was very good at what he did. His silent body language would alert the team to ambushes and other dangers wtih regularity.

They all came to count on his ready skills.

Source: YouTube/ABC 10 News
Tyson helped save the lives of his fellow Navy SEAL team members.

As you will hear in this video, Tyson had been responsible for saving the lives of team members already. But on this occasion he was killed instantly by an incoming rocket round. His body absorbed most of the rounds explosive power and shrapnel, saving other team members again.

Source: YouTube/ABC 10 News
Tyson was killed by the shrapnel from an explosive device.

Such loyalty and skill as Tyson gave to his team members will be sorely missed by his whole team, but even more so by his handler.

Source: YouTube/ABC 10 News
The dog is being hailed as a hero in his hometown and beyond.

The Veterans Site sends its condolences to Tyson’s Navy Seal team and especially to his handler. We understand the depth of your loss. We will ensure that Tyson’s memory will not be forgotten.

Rest easy, faithful friend. You have done your duties well.

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