Navy-Obsessed Twins Get The Surprise Of A Lifetime

The Hanson twins are from South Carolina and after becoming infatuated with naval history, their family took a trip to see the USS Yorktown (CV-5) in nearby Charleston.

It was on their trip to Charleston that they learned about a living veteran who had served as a plane handler on the very ship they were touring! The boys got this veteran’s name, Robert Harding, and email address and the three of them started corresponding daily. What happened next was one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen!

Their emails back and forth to each other were frequent and the Hanson twins devoured every war story that Harding told them. The boys even kept a photo of Harding next to their bed. But they never thought they would actually meet him!

That is, until the staff of the Yorktown got involved with the story and made special arrangements to surprise the boys. On a return trip to the USS Yorktown with a crew from CBS, the boys found that their hero was waiting for them in the cabin of the ship. Mr. Harding had flown across the country from his home in Oklahoma. The two boys ran over to hug Harding right away like long lost friends, although they had never met the man before.

It warms the heart to see these two boys get so much joy out of seeing a veteran. Especially one that they’d never met in person!

All kids have their heroes

Some children look up to Superman while others are inspired by princes and princesses, vikings, aliens… For these two boys, their hero was a stranger, but someone very close to their hearts; someone who served our country proudly; someone who takes the time to send an email to two young boys in another state. Mr. Harding is a real life hero and these boys got to meet him in person. What a wonderful country we live in.

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