Twin Sisters Split For The First Time To Attend Separate US Military Academies

We often think of twins as being inseparable and Aubrie and Emma Kuhrt are no different. They have always had a strong desire to join the military.

They decided to part ways, however, this summer. The twin sisters from Texas made the move to separate when they decided to attend two different US military academies.

Aubrie is attending the US Air Force Academy in Colorado while Emma will be heading to New York to attend the US Military Academy at West Point.

Photo: U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs

“As long as we can remember, we have wanted to join the military,” Emma said in a news release from the Air Force Academy. “In about seventh grade, our teacher asked if there was anything in the world we could do, what would it be? And number one on both our lists was to serve in the military.”

“We didn’t even plan it that way, it happened naturally,” Aubrie said. “We both had this love for service.”

They began their military training this summer and agreed that it was important to establish their own identities.

Photo: U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs

“We have always slept in the same bedroom, had the same experiences, and now it’s going to be different, but there will definitely be a lot of letters,” Aubrie said.

“Long letters,” Emma added.

Shannon Kuhrt, their mother, said that they have always had a desire to go into the military.

Photo: U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs

“They started and completed the application process on their own,” she noted. “It was their passion, their dream and they did it. People ask what we did to have [both daughters accepted to an academy], and other than the fact that we raised them to be strong and independent, it wasn’t us — they made this happen for themselves.”

Aubrie and Emma have separated physically but they still feel tied together emotionally. While going through their basic cadet training, they relied on their faith to get them through.

“I believe God has [a] plan for me, and everything has aligned perfectly for me to be here,” Aubrie said.

“It was difficult to adjust at first, especially since I was unable to talk to Emma, but I made some really awesome friends and kind of found my place here,” she said. “I learned that I am stronger than I thought possible… Whatever limit I thought I had, it can be broken, and I can go further.”

After going through a few weeks of cadet training, the academic semesters have started. The twins hope to reunite November 2 at the Air Force-Army football game in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Air Force Academy is a four-year program for officer cadets. After successfully completing the program, they receive a commission as second lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force. At West Point, cadets would also be commissioned as second lieutenants, but in the U.S. Army after four years.

Any newly commissioned officers are required to be on active duty for at least five years. They would then be able to serve as an active reservist for another three years, making it an eight-year post-graduation commitment for both those in the Army and the Air Force.

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