Troops Surprise Families at BCS Championship Game

During the halftime show of the 2010 BCS Championship Game, Army troops reunited with loved ones on the field after serving in Iraq. Fans showed an overwhelming amount of support and pride. It proved to be one of the best halftime shows in BCS history.

The Troops and family members featured include:
SSG Alton Day, U.S. Army, from Elizabeth, N.C.: His wife Gwendalyn (Gwen), sons Alton, Jr. (age 14) and Aydan (2), and daughters Alexandria (12) and Alannah (5)

SPC Danyul Davis, U.S. Army, Houston: His wife Jalexus, son Jai (1) and brothers Jeremy Michael Powell and Guy DeJohn Jackson

Sgt. Louis Davis, U.S. Army, Ft. Bragg, N.C.: His wife Stephanie, daughter Zaiyah (3), mom Linda S. David and sister Simona R. Green

PO1 Terry Eady, U.S. Navy, Ocilla, Ga.: His daughter TeOndra (9), son Terrvon (12) and cousin Henry Leroy Fisher, Jr.

Thanks to everyone involved for pulling this off…and thank you to our active service men and women for their service.

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