So True! Our Troops Tell Us Why It’s Important to Fly Our Flag

What does the American flag mean to you? What does it represent? Our history? Our freedom? Our independence? What do you think it means to our troops? These are all great questions but we all as individuals will have a different answer. Some answers will be repeated of course and others will be very original and personal to that individual. We do have a few pilots that will tell you what it means to them!

They may fly different aircraft but CW2 Scott Rose and CW2 Christopher Rocker can agree on one thing: the American flag is a powerful symbol. The American flag represents so much more then just a couple individuals. The flag is a sign of commitment, commitment to their missions and what they have done while deployed. Not only those there now but those who came before and those that will continue after them.

Watch the video below to see what they think makes it so powerful!

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