You Want To See A Real Hero? Meet Travis Mills

In this video you will meet Travis Mills, and you will hear about his wife and a Marine friend. This trio is the epitome of real courage. Watch, laugh and learn.

Some people have to confront and to bear what seem to be far heavier burdens than the rest of us. Mills is one of those who fit that description. He is a quadruple amputee from wounds received while serving in Afghanistan.

Travis Mills lost both arms and both legs while serving in Afghanistan.

Most of us would want to just give up the game if something like this happened to us. You won’t be surprised to hear Mills reveal that same thought to his wife when he sees her for the first time after being so severely wounded as a patient at Walter Reed Hospital. But, two things happened that changed his mind. Two people, his wife and a Marine who is also a quadruple amputee, offered him both challenge and, more importantly, real, true love.

Mills’ wife stood by him after he returned home from war.

I will let Mills tell the story himself here.

You are going to encounter a man in Travis Mills who is of great depth, of humble strength and in possession of a fine, edgy sense of humor. Listen and learn. There is always reason for hope. And you will see in him and in his wife that, as the American philosopher, George Santayana wrote, “Even in the midst of war there is room for thoughts of love.”

Today, this veteran is an inspiration to us all.

Love really does conquer all. Mills’ wife is proof of that.

Watch and know that such people exist in this broken world.

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