A Message To The Depressed

Depression has no single cause. Development, instead, can be linked to three specific factors: psychological, biological and environmental. These three factors can especially alter the way a soldier feels when they return home from war. The world can become loud and bright. Things may seem to close in. Every single person has their own experience and the worst part is a lot of depressed individuals can not even tell you what will make them happy, they are searching for that internally.

And we—husbands, wives, friends, family—can all improve our understanding of that experience, as well as of what we can do to help our loved ones through it. Just being there for them is key. If they can feel the love and understand you are there for them maybe that will be all it takes. Depression is no joke and we need to take it seriously as it can be deadly unfortunately.

The tender message in the video below will certainly help!

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