This Pushy Driver Learns Not To Honk At Granny!

There seems to be a lot of impatience in the world these days, with people always in a hurry to get wherever they are going. And what’s worse is that people get easily annoyed whenever there is a delay in getting them there. People rush to work, then rush to get back home. On the roads people drive as fast as they can all the time. It seems like the days of taking a leisurely drive on a pleasant afternoon are gone, replaced by a culture of “Go! Go! Go!”

Sometimes, however, a person can get irritated or annoyed or even angry at precisely the wrong time – or at the wrong individual. There’s really never any indication who that “wrong individual” is, as the driver in the video below finds out in a hysterical fashion. The best course of action is always to be courteous, polite, and keep an even temper no matter what or who may be slowing you down.

Watch the video below to see what happens when an impatient Mercedes driver misplaces his manners. The last person he would expect gives him what he deserves! And we think it is absolutely hilarious! Tell us in the comments if you think the driver got what was coming to him!

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