I Bet That’s The Last Time They Do That In Front Of A Tomb Guard!

Silent respect.

Those who have been to Arlington need no description of the grounds. But for those who have not, a bit of description is necessary. The grounds are green and rolling. As you walk up the lanes from the main entrance to the various sites that are available to be visited, you see broad slopes covered with uniform grave markers placed with military precision. You see lovely green lawns regimented by those markers and, standing over them here and there, are great, broad, noble trees.

As you walk up toward the Kennedy memorial with its eternal flame, people grow quiet, at least those old enough to remember and to have an emotional connection to the memories around his assassination. The young and enthusiastic students who come there in groups are often asked to be quiet, but there is no argument. They get the significance at some level and comply.

As you approach the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, there is a natural and respectful silence that comes over most. The area is simple, spare, dignified, with the Tomb as the focus.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery is one of those places in this world where a dignified and reverent, silent respect is due. Sometimes people forget this when visiting there. When they do, these guards know how to recall them to that silence and respect very effectively.  They do it with both force and dignity. This video is a good example of that.

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