100-Year-Old War Vet Gets 150,000 Birthday Cards After Raising Millions For Healthcare Workers

Turning 100 is quite an event in life and for World War II veteran, Capt. Tom Moore, that day meant more than most. In an effort to raise money for the British National Health Service (NHS), he walked 100 laps in his backyard garden. Once the news broke about his desire to do this, it went viral and his goal of $1250 grew by thousands and before long, by millions! By the time his birthday rolled around on April 30, the veteran had raised about $37,753,500. It gave hope to people around the nation and around the world.

Moore was originally from Yorkshire and he was in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment (8 DWR) when World War II started and later was sent to India and fought on the Arakan. He talked about how good the NHS was to help him with his health issues over the years and he wanted to return the favor when he saw how much medical personnel and resources were struggling due to the coronavirus. Thousands of people quickly recognized his compassion, including the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. They also donated an undisclosed amount to the effort.

The UK got involved in a big way after an online petition was put up that requested knighthood for Moore and it got more than 1 million signatures. He also received more than 150,000 birthday cards, and they are being displayed where his grandson attends at the Bedford school in Bedfordshire. Some of those who sent cards to him included the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Dame Kelly Holmes, and English footballer Harry Kane.

“What a wonderful day full of well wishes, kindness, and plenty of cake! Can’t think of a better way to finish than clapping extra loudly for all the NHS heroes who continue to do such a magnificent job for us all,” he said on Twitter. He plans on doing another 100 laps to keep the fundraiser open.

You can make a donation via JustGiving.

Capt. Thomas Moore is a World War II veteran who walked 100 laps before he turned 100. He did it to raise money for the British National Health Service.

By the time he turned 100 on April 30, he had raised almost $38 million for the NHS.

The British people sent a reply by mailing him more than 150,000 birthday cards.



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