10 Tiny Things You Can Send Your Deployed Service Member

Care packages are fantastic but it’s easy to run into some serious issues as you’re putting it all together. You may be trying to send too big of a box, full of items that are too large. Or, you may not even know what to send your deployed service member. And that’s why we’ve created this list.

You’ll find ten items listed on the following pages that are A) cost effective, B) something one would need while deployed and C) they are tiny and, therefore, easy to ship. So sit, back, relax, and plan your next trip to the store. We’ve got you covered.

– Well, you want them to call you when they have time, don’t you!? Seriously, this just might be the best thing to send along. You can either buy them in a store like Walmart, or order them online.

Army boots
Any kind of foot ointment is an absolute luxury when you’re spending 12+ hours per day in these bad boys.

– Any kind of foot ointment is a luxury to someone on their feet for several hours at a time. It can also be a lifesaver—the majority of our service members need their feet to function in order to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

– Poker, euchre, solitaire, whatever the game, a deck of cards does wonders during downtime. But sometimes it’s more than about just having fun when it comes to card games. Friendships can be made. Partnerships can be strengthened.

– Ask any service member: MREs are nothing to write home about. Unfortunately, it’s also quite difficult to mail an entire meal to your service member. That said, you can give them a taste of home. Send them individual packets of the hot sauce they love. Send a small tube of their favorite seasoning. I promise: they’ll appreciate it.

– One thing we civilians probably will never understand is just how much of a luxury toothpaste is during a deployment. I mean, imagine the grit that gets on your teeth during a nice, long patrol.

You wouldn’t believe how great it feels to brush your teeth after a day on patrol.


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