After Seeing A Woman Sleeping In The Dirt He Decided To Do Something About It Himself

A man noticed that there was a homeless woman sleeping in the dirt in his neighborhood. No one likes to look out their window and see another human sleeping in the dirt, especially after you just crawled out of your queen sized bed and have a cup of hot coffee in your favorite mug in hand. There is just something inside all of us that wants everyone to be living the same standard of life as we have. So he set out to change what he could about her quality of life.

He set out on his mission to improve her life by building her a tiny house that she can sleep in and protect herself from the elements. The women known as ‘Smokey’ came to be homeless after her husband passed away and shortly after that she lost her home. Living on the streets of LA for roughly the last ten years this gesture moved her to tears. Now let’s all take a note from this mans good deed and find a way to help the less fortunate in our own communities.

What a beautiful gesture! And what a cute little house!

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