Louisville Is Looking To Build A Tiny Home Village For Homeless Veterans

A program to help veterans in Shelbyville has now inspired Louisville to do the same thing. A group of veterans will be creating a community of tiny homes for other veterans who are homeless.

In Shelbyville, a man by the name of Jeremy Harrell, who is part of the Veteran’s Club got the program started and now Louisville is his next target.

Photo: Youtube /WLKY News Louisville

“When the story about Shelbyville went public, there was a lot of, ‘We need this in Louisville,’ So, we are making it happen,” Harrell told WLKY.

Land in Pleasure Ridge Park was donated by Chris Thieneman so the project could get underway. The Veteran’s Club is now working on making the tiny home community come to life. It will be located off Dixie Highway in a plot of land close by to Fury Way.

Photo: Youtube /WLKY News Louisville

The goal is to build 30 small homes and a community center to help veterans that are homeless get back on their feet. At least six homes will be in the Shelbyville community.

Photo: Youtube /WLKY News Louisville

The presentation for the plans and program of the Louisville project were given on Monday. Harrell and his team are hoping that local citizens, investors, and corporations will get involved.

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