Tim McGraw: Actor, Singer, Patriot

You probably know Tim McGraw either as one of America’s top country singers, or as an actor that turns in one solid performance after another. But did you know that McGraw also has helped house dozens of veterans? Did you know that he has helped veterans and their spouses secure jobs?

Just check out this PSA for veteran support:

In what he has cited as a cause particularly close to his heart, McGraw for years now has teamed up with Chase and Operation Homefront, a nonprofit organization that, based on a selection process, awards mortgage-free homes to veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dovetailing from these efforts, McGraw’s latest song, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” recently made its way into the Hot Country Songs top 10. The song elegantly describes what a home could and should be, what a home should feel like. It takes you back to a place where you just feel good.

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