Through My Father’s Eyes

My father, Pvt. Moss D. Jones, Jr., was stationed with the 17th Airborne Division in England on Christmas Eve of 1944. Shortly before midnight, he boarded an Army aircraft and parachuted into the combat zone at the Battle of the Bulge.

He landed outside a small Catholic church during midnight mass, and soon found himself in a fierce battle. It was then that he vowed to his battle buddy that if he ever saw another Christmas he would do something very special. After his safe return to Falls City, Nebraska in 1947, he began painting Nativity scenes on the large picture window of the family home each year. On the 25th anniversary of his first window painting, he painted each and every window at the front of the house with different Christmas scenes, despite a disabling back injury sustained during the war. He continued the tradition until his death in 1975.

Moss Jones, Jr. came from a very active military family. At one time during WWII, his mother received a telegram that all five of her sons were either missing in action or killed. Moss and three of his brothers came home, but his brother Donald died at Normandy.

Today, Moss would be very proud of his grandson, Spc. Stephen D. Randall, who is serving in the United States Army as a Combat Engineer.

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