HELP: 5 Different Methods To Better Manage Combat PTSD

When we think of therapy, our minds tend to wander only to doctors’ offices, to couches, and maybe even to prescriptions.

But do those have to be the only things associated with therapy? Not necessarily. While we in no way intend to dismiss traditional therapy, we also believe that other methods can be explored, several of which appear on this list as alternatives for managing Combat PTSD.

Check ’em out!

1. Dogs

Could there be a better judgment-free sounding board for your thoughts and feelings? That’s why dogs will ALWAYS be man’s best friend — they are the best listeners. You can tell them anything. Every part, every detail, and no objection will come, nor will an argument follow.

But listening isn’t the only benefit that can come to veterans from deciding to be a dog-owner. Along with it comes a rigid routine, the feeling that, yes, you most certainly CAN take care of yourself AND another living thing. The most important thing, though? Dogs can provide hope.

Erick Scott knows:

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