Navy SEAL, Wounded In Battle, Gets Honored At Home

Navy SEAL Bo Reichenbach suffered a terrible injury when an IED explosion in Afghanistan took both of his legs. Reichenbach was on deployment with fellow SEALs in July of 2012 when they accidentally stepped on a weight-triggered IED. He says in the video below that the explosion immediately took his left leg and his right leg and one arm were severely injured as well.

Reichenbach immediately tried putting a tourniquet on himself, but within seconds one of his fellow Navy SEALs had three tourniquets on his legs and started treating him with an IV. In the end, both of his legs were lost. Not one to be beaten by any obstacle, however, Reichenbach was most concerned with how his young son would take the news. That didn’t turn out to be a problem, and both his son and wife see him as the heroic warrior that he is.

We have so much to thank our veterans and troops for… their sacrifice is immeasurable. The brave men and women of the Armed Forces put their bodies and lives at risk for complete strangers, safeguards of the freedoms and liberties our country embodies.

Watch as this brave veteran gets honored by the FROG-X Parachute team jumping into Griz Stadium in Bo’s honor.

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