This Is The Homecoming They Never Had! How Special Is This?

This is a sad but true story of a Kentucky base that was socially ostracized on their trip back home from the Vietnam War. As we all know these men did what they were told and the general public took their aggressions out on these individuals. In fact, it was once said that “at no point in our country’s history have our veterans been hurt more by our own countrymen than by the enemy.” Now we can fast forward past all the spitting on, name calling, and vilification of these veterans and give them the rightful homecoming celebration they should have received so many years ago.

Those men still living were able to experience the great feeling of their community welcoming them home with open arms and hearts. It’s not every homecoming story that gets me but this one will have you reaching for a tissue or three.

Watch as they finally get the homecoming they deserved so many years ago!

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