The Faithful Friends of Our Troops

Every pet owner knows that there is nothing more pure than the love of your animal. Check out our list of the top five photos of soldiers with their beloved pets.

Is there anything better than a hug, kiss or cuddle from an animal? No. The answer is no. This cute pup certainly knows how to give a great hug.

Photo of soldier and dog by Margie Shankle

There is a level of comfort that can only come from the love of an animal. This horse and owner share a special bond.

Photo of soldier and horse by Charles Scott

This pup has been saving this sweet and happy smile for his favorite soldier.

Photo of soldier with smiling dog by Charles Shuck

This kitten is certainly thinking, “Look, I fit! Now I get to go with you, right?”

Photo of kitten in soldier's boot by Heather Albright

The most loyal companion you can have is an animal. This dog is providing comfort and support to his favorite human.

Photo of soldier and dog by Beth Perry

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