The Crucible: The Final Test on the Path to Becoming a Marine

Every Marine knows and remembers the grueling challenge that they all had to go through at the end of their boot camp training at MCRD San Diego, known as “The Crucible.” It is a 54-hour-long physical and mental challenge that completes the final transformation of a recruit into a full-fledged Marine.

Recently, history was made at MCRD San Diego. For the first time at San Diego, a completely integrated, co-ed Recruit Bn. with 53 women in it completed The Crucible and received their coveted Eagle, Globe, and Anchor (EGA) pin that identifies them now as Marines.

Photo: CBS 8

For these young men and women, who all can now call themselves Marines, this event, The Crucible, is a true test of the courage, determination, endurance, and commitment that is the core and essence of what it means to be a Marine. In completing this difficult final challenge, these recruits become newly minted members of a brotherhood/sisterhood like no other. This event, at the end of the long test of boot camp, is a baptism of fire that completes their initiation into the long history of the United States Marine Corps.

Photo: CBS 8

Those who have been through this Crucible may very well recall the emotions that went through them at that moment when their own EGA was placed into their hands and they were addressed as “Marine” for the very first time. With this recent graduation of this very first integrated male-female recruit battalion at MCRD San Diego, 53 women now share that unique distinction and title. These 53 women now understand the phrase in the Marine Corps Hymn, “We are proud to wear the title of United States Marines” in the same personal and intimate way as their brother Marines do every time they hear or sing those words.

Photo: CBS 8

The Veterans Site congratulates the 53 female Marines and their brothers of this boot camp battalion on this unique and great accomplishment of becoming our newest Marines. May your careers be honorable and successful, and may they add to the long and honored history of the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis! Oorah!

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