This Surprise Video Has 6x The Emotion Anyone Could Ever Ask For

Whenever a soldier gets to come home and see his family, it is always an incredibly emotional occasion. But when they get to add a surprise visit into the homecoming, it makes it even better.

This soldier dad decided to surprise his three daughters and his son individually, all while they were in their different classes at school. Every single reaction from his kids is absolutely perfect. You can tell just how much they missed their dad and how much he means to their family.

Homecoming moments like this are so important for our outstanding soldiers to experience, because they deserve all of the family love in the world for the work they do for our country overseas. Just being able to see how valued they are by their own family is one of the greatest joys.

Check out the video below and experience the extremely emotional reunions, but be sure to have a box of tissues nearby!

Welcome home!

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