That Very Special Moment

Their moment! The moment of reunion.

That moment so long waited for finally here.

You wish it could last forever.

This much joy and tenderness in one place is monumental.

The joy of children, wives, and returning soldiers is real, evident, and natural. Welcome home to all. May the days and years to come be full of love and prosperity.

This welcome home video shows the unimaginable relief that accompanies the return of a loved one back into the family circle after the long months of worry while he/she has been gone. Those waiting have no words to express their intense feelings, but the free flowing tears tell us of those feelings more fluently and more clearly than words can anyway.

We thank our servicemen and women for what they have done and are doing for us every day in dangerous and far away places. We thank and honor their families too. They, too, serve and endure. God bless them all.

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