Thousands Of Turkeys Deployed For Overseas Troops

The men and women serving overseas in the Armed Forces may not be home for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner! Going to great lengths to ensure that they have a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving like they would at home, about 100,000 pounds of turkey is being delivered right now to troops deployed in the Middle East.

The holiday meal shipments — which were ordered back in the spring — are being sent to troops currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Jordan.

The military may not cook it like mom does, but at least the components are all going to be there, including turkey, beef, stuffing, green beans, and ham. For dessert, the troops are also getting cake, pie, and egg nog!

Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support has sent to the troops for this Thanksgiving dinner 98,820 pounds of turkey, 47,880 pounds of beef, 31,650 pounds of ham, 30,384 pounds of shrimp, 918 gallons of eggnog, 6,288 pies, and 9,378 cakes, including 382 cheesecakes.

The old expression says “that’s enough to feed an army!” and in this case, we certainly hope so!

We at The Veterans Site are thankful to the men and women who serve and have served to give us our freedom, and we want to wish all service members and veterans a Happy Thanksgiving!

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