85-Year-Old Veteran Starts Crying When He Realizes Who’s At The Door

“I never thought I’d see you again,” one vet said to another as they stood in a close embrace.

Thanks to some thoughtful children, these two comrades were reunited, and the emotional meeting was all captured on video. Charlotte Clifton and her siblings tracked down a war buddy of their 85-year-old veteran father. Ken is one of the few men who would ever call their father “Tex.”

It had been 58 years since either of the vets had seen or spoke to one another. So, when a stranger showed up and asked for Tex, it must have turned some gears in the aged veteran’s head.

Source: YouTube/Charlotte Clifton
A stranger comes to the door, asking for “Tex.”

As soon as the two men recognize each other, they both lose control of their emotions. It’s hard not to well up with tears as the friends hug each other tight. It’s also clear they served closely together.

Source: YouTube/Charlotte Clifton
These men haven’t seen each other in at least 58 years.

“This is my good, good buddy,” the first vet says.

The men beam as one of the veteran’s daughters takes a picture of them to save the memory, then embrace once more.

Source: YouTube/Charlotte Clifton
A well-planned reunion thanks to one veteran’s children!

Bonds like these are not made in an afternoon.

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