The Heroic Cost of Freedom, Paid By Those Fighting The Global War On Terrorism

This video will move you deeply. It will make you take a deep breath, even wipe a few tears. You will come face to face, eye to eye, with the 11 men who, because of their unique and uncompromising courage, received the Medal of Honor for actions during the last 18 years in the Global War on Terrorism.

Seven of these men fell on the field of battle, sacrificing their lives to protect those they were with. The video will show you their faces and those of the families they left behind to mourn their loss.

As you watch, think of each of them, hold them and their families in your mind and lift them up in your prayers. Look at their youthful countenances and know that behind each set of eyes, and in each of those hearts, lived a real man for others, a man of supreme love and generosity toward his fellow brothers and sisters in uniform.

Source: YouTube/Audie Murphy American Legend
The cost of freedom is always greatest to those who defend it.

Remember, unlike so many others today, they chose willingly to serve a cause larger than themselves. That cause? The protection and the defense of the Constitution of the United States of America, and all of us who cherish the freedoms that that Constitution enshrines for its citizens.

Source: YouTube/Audie Murphy American Legend
It is not uncommon for the Medal of Honor to be awarded posthumously.

See the faces of the five other living recipients of the Medal of Honor during the Global War on Terrorism. Understand the weight of that burden of responsibility that they now bear with that Medal for those they fought side by side with, for those who fell in battle, and for the rest of us.

Source: YouTube/Audie Murphy American Legend
The Medal of Honor is awarded to the bravest and most courageous defenders of the United States Constitution.

To wear the Medal of Honor demands that for the rest of their lives that they model the character that the MOH represents. They must be an example of the code and the courage it represents. They will be asked countless times to tell their stories, but every time they do, they will humbly offer that they wear the Medal of Honor in honor of those they were with, those brothers who endured the same fears and dangers of those terrible moments in battle.

Source: YouTube/Audie Murphy American Legend
In a world threatened by terrorism, it is important to celebrate those who fight back.

Let this moving video be a quiet moment of respect for these young men and for all the men and women who have been sacrificing so much during these past 18 years.

The Veterans Site honors each of these eleven men, living and dead. We are humbled by their courage and their sacrifice. We promise never to forget them, or their service and sacrifice. We are honored that men like these came from among us to show us what the true cost of freedom looks like.

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