The Heartbreaking Reason Taylor Swift Sang At This Veteran’s Wedding

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Your wedding day is one of the happiest moments of your life. The months spend planning, wrangling guests, and so on can be immensely stressful. However, two newly weds, veteran Max Smith and his wife Kenya, had a surprise no one could have planned for; a superstar performing for their first dance!

Max’s mother had been terminally ill, and he and Kenya were officially married in her hospital room so she wouldn’t miss the moment. Max and his mother danced to Swift’s “Blank Page” after the ceremony, and shortly after she passed away. Before the wedding ceremony that the Smith’s had planned, Max’s sister Ali wrote a heartfelt letter to Swift, explaining their loss, and the heartbreak that their mother couldn’t be there. So, after a weekend at the Coachella music festival, she stopped by to perform “Blank Page” during the couples first dance!

Swift even stuck around for pictures with the couple. The wedding was a rousing success, and the newly weds had a wedding that no one will forget!

Third wheel 😂

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Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

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Take a look at the performance below, and try not to get choked up at the look on Max and Kenya’s faces!

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