Already At The Top Of Her Class, This West Point Cadet Is Going Places

Cadet Taylor England is not your average cadet. 

As you will see in this video, she is among the elite at the United States Military Academy. You will see that her many skills and her confidence have carried her far in her career at the Academy, and she promises to be a very valuable asset to her unit, the United States Army and the nation during her military career.

England has proven herself to be up to the tasks that her desired Army career will require of her. England has a clear sense of purpose. 

Source: YouTube/The U.S. Army
West Point Cadet Taylor England.

With all of her successes as a cadet, she also hopes to go on to earn the coveted Army Ranger’s TAB. 

I think you will see in this video that she has the stuff to achieve that dream. She has already accomplished some impressive successes as a Cadet.  She is already rated as West Point’s top-ranked infantry cadet and is one of the Regimental Command Sergeant Majors on campus.

Source: YouTube/The U.S. Army
Cadet Taylor England and others during a PE test.

You will see that in a recent PE test she scored 360 points and finished the 2 mile run only seconds behind the men’s best standard. She has proven herself to be both mentally and physically capable of the standards that are needed in the infantry leadership roles.  

The Veterans Site wishes to commend Cadet Taylor England for her successful and stellar achievements as a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point.  We look forward to watching her career as an officer in the United States Army.

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