This Near-Death Footage Mysteriously Showed Up On A WWII Vet’s Doorstep.

Sometimes things happen to us that are clearly out of our control. Some may call it pure luck, others are happy to call it Divine Providence, but the fact is that some things that happen to us are much larger than us and are beyond simple explanations.

This video is about one of those experiences…

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As you watch you will see a now older gentleman talking about an event he survived during WWII. He was the tail gunner on a B-29 bomber that had been on a bombing mission over Japan. The plane was a mess from the intense flack that had been fired up at it. Several feet had been sheared off of its right wing, the tail section was riddled and ragged with shrapnel holes, its bomb bay doors were broken and in stuck in the open position. Two of its engines were dead. When the third engine began to sputter, the pilot ordered the crew to jump.

The former tail gunner tells about parachuting into the Pacific and when he left the plane, he “prayed hard.” But there is more to this surprising story too. They did not know it at the time, but when they jumped they landed in the water very close to an American submarine. The sub and its crew were able to pull all of the men aboard.

But there is another surprise too!

One of the sub’s officers actually filmed the whole event—in color!  That film languished on a box in a shoebox for 65 years before being found again in a closet. That is where this video begins. That film showed up on the old tail gunner’s doorstep out of the blue one day and a local T.V. station interviewed him for this story.  The best part of the video is when you hear the surprise and wonder in the voice of this old WWII veteran when sees himself on the film.

As the film shows, when he was pulled out of the water and onto the deck of the sub, he was still holding on to some of his parachute’s rip cord. Watch this video and get the sense of wonder that is shared by so many combat veterans who have survived the worst terrors of war and come home to live long lives.  We don’t know why we survived and others didn’t.

Maybe it’s because of the things that this old veteran speaks about in this video.  

Maybe it is simply beyond our understanding.

It’s just something we learn to accept.

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