Military Dads and Daughters Share Beautiful Tea Party

Professional photographer Vanessa Hicks knows how precious time is among family members who have a loved one in the military. She’s a military wife, a veteran of the USS Enterprise and a mother all in one. Her husband, Josh, has served in the Navy for 16 years, and he often goes on extended deployments while leaving his daughters behind with mama.

The photographer knows how hard military kids have it — changing schools, new friends and not seeing mommy or daddy for a long time.

Hicks had a great idea for some photo shoots in April 2016 — she decided to photograph active-duty military officers having tea with their daughters as a way to spend some precious moments together while making fond memories.259

Time to Dress Up

The photo shoot happened on a beautiful spring day in California. Hicks wanted to get as many photos as possible in April as part of the Month of the Military Child.

Special Moments

Hicks wanted to document these special moments between dads and daughters so the kids would have fond, lasting memories from their childhoods. The photos also help preserve the legacy of the military service members.


Family Time

The idea is to help bring the family closer together to make times apart less painful by having happy memories between dad and daughter.

Bonding Moment

Hicks attempted to capture special bonding moments between fathers and children, whether it was a hug, a look or pouring tea.


Just Dads

Hicks said she offered military moms the chance to have tea with their daughters, but none took the offer. There were just 10 slots available for this inaugural photo shoot. Eventually, the photographer wants to have a series of tea parties with boys and moms.


Honor the Troops

The photos are a way to honor the troops and their families for putting their lives on the line every day to protect the freedom of the United States.


This Is What It’s All About

Even if it’s just for a short while, quality time with family is what the photo shoot was all about.


Daddy’s Little Girl

No matter how old they get, each of these girls are always “daddy’s little girl” thanks to these perfect moments frozen in time. Show your support of our veterans with this “Freedom is Never Free” metallic T-shirt.

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