Just Another Soccer Practice Until He Showed Up

A father coming home from deployment decided to surprise his daughter during her college soccer practice. Normally these surprises are in coordination with the coach or a teammate but this time it was just the father wanting to surprise his daughter. No help needed for this veteran, and no pomp or ceremony required either. Just a dad who wants to see is daughter after a long time spent away from his family.

Showing up to practice he spots her right away, but decides to just wait for a break in the action. We won’t give away to much more, but I would say it was a success! Just watch how she hugs him with her whole body! Now that’s a father-daughter bond that can’t be unbroken!

Who wouldn’t love seeing a video like this? It is alway great to see our brave men and women in uniform coming home to their families, and even better when they surprise their families for an even better reaction!

Just see for yourself in the video below!

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