Soldier Has A Surprise For His Children At School

Through a sea of kids in the school lunchroom, an Army soldier is looking for his little girl. He arrived home from duty early, and decided to give his kids the surprise of their lives. Once he is spotted, his daughter lets out a “Daddy!” cry that will melt your heart.

That was the start of a multiple surprise homecoming by Army Lt. Ray Abordo, who had just finished a tour of duty serving in Afghanistan. His three children had no idea that he was home early, and certainly didn’t expect to see him at school that day!

It was something that the children clearly wanted though — to have the father back home, safe and sound. It was also something that Lt. Abordo was looking forward to as well. In fact, in the video below he says he was looking forward to seeing his children again since the first day he deployed.

Military homecomings like this one are so touching to see, and we are always grateful to have our brave men and women of the Armed Forces return home safely.

To see the full surprise, check out the video below.

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