They Haven’t Seen Their Dad In Months. When They Hear He’s Home, They Run Upstairs Into His Arms

It’s always hard being away from our pets, especially if it’s for many months! The hardest part is that our pets don’t understand where we are or why we are gone, and might not even be sure if we are ever coming back. It’s heartbreaking! But when the time comes that we finally get to see them again, it’s so special and heartwarming!

This soldier is home for the first time in months and finally gets to reunite with his beloved dogs. When he gets home, as soon as his pups hear him, they run full-speed up the stairs and into his arms. First he gives his attention to the big dog, while the two little dogs impatiently wait their turn. Then he picks up one of the small dogs, who yelps in excitement that he’s finally back with his dad. This is so precious! Watch for yourself in the video below:

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