Father-In-Law Bursts Into Tears While Still On A Work Call Because Of This Surprise

Sometimes, in-laws aren’t the easiest to get along with. But for this soldier returning from a tour in Kuwait, his father-in-law is just another full-blooded dad.

After his homecoming, the family decided to put together a little surprise for the unknowing father-in-law, and it turned into a day of emotion and tears of joy.

When the father-in-law comes home from work while still on the phone, the family tries to convince him that it is extremely important to get off the phone, but he can’t figure out why until he sees a glimpse of his son-in-law standing in the family kitchen.

From that point on, he can barely contain his emotion, even while still being in the middle of a work call.

Check out the video below and see the emotional reunion.

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