Surprising Reunions and Tearful Goodbyes

Getting a visit from a loved returning from war is one of the best feelings. But unexpectedly surprising a loved one with your homecoming is even better.

We all love reunion videos and they are fun to watch when they are super creative. Well, there’s another great example of a surprise that works perfectly…because the person being surprised didn’t see it coming at all!

However, for every wonderful and happy reunion video, we must remember there are some families who do not and/or will not be able to have that feeling wash over them. There are those families who lost someone special in battle; their father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter.

It is part of the life of military families; you hope they get only happy reunions and very few get tearful goodbyes that came too early.

Watch this video of a soldier surprising his grandmother followed by pictures of our troops and their families!

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