This Is The Shortest Cheerleading Routine Ever…And The Reason Why Will Make You Tear Up!

When we were growing up and in high school, a lot of us were athletes and our focus while playing sports was all about the competition.

All those evenings and weekends spent practicing and practicing more until we had the game plan or the routine down. It’s all so you can walk out and perform with the highest level of confidence and return with your head held high. It’s truly a great feeling, but this cheerleader doesn’t even get to start her routine before she spots a surprise guest in the audience and collapses!

Sobbing with happy tears, she excitedly greets this surprise guest with the biggest hug in the world! Hopefully by now you might of guessed or watched who this special guest is. If not don’t worry we wont spoil anything for you.

Watch her emotional reaction below.

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