Ellen Has More Than One Surprise In Store For This Lucky Lady! Welcome Home, Sir!

Chris Banford, an officer in the National Guard, has been away from home. He even missed his 10th Wedding Anniversary, something he never wanted to do, and something he knew he wanted to make up for. You can tell that Chris is a romantic and he hates being away from his wife on their special day.

Enter: Ellen.

Smack dab in the middle of her show, Ellen receives a call from Chris. She finds out that Chris’s loving wife, Mary, is sitting in the audience. Once Mary hears her husbands voice on the phone she gets emotional, like any wife would who is missing her husband, and makes it easy for Ellen to spot her. And what does Ellen decide to do? What Ellen does best, of course: a surprise! In true Ellen fashion it’s not your typical surprise but one of the best Mary will ever have.

But there wasn’t just one surprise…

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