See What It’s Like To Go Through United States Coast Guard Surf Training

This video reveals the kind of training and conditions that the various United States Coast Guard Stations on our coasts need to carry out their missions in all kinds of conditions and weather.

Recently, our West Coast shores from California to Washington State have been battered by huge waves generated by big Pacific storms.

The USCG has the job of going out into that weather if they receive a stress call from some boat in need. And crossing the bar of the massive Columbia River as it rushes into the Pacific presents big waves like those you will see in this video on a regular, even daily basis.

Source: YouTube/Surfman366
The Coast Guard readies for training.

Buckle up! And hold on as you watch these training sessions from the perspective of the Coast Guard men and women on board these boats.

Source: YouTube/Surfman366
The waves are rough during this training exercise!

This job is not for the faint of heart.

The Veterans Site thanks the United States Coast Guard for its courage and commitment to go face to face with the immense powers of nature in order to save those who find themselves in harm’s way on our coasts, big lakes and grand rivers.

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