Support Our Troops With These Care Package Ideas

7. Hand-written Letters

Photo credit: Operation Support Our Troops — America

While things like snack food and movies are great treats to have while overseas, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a personal message from home. Whether it’s from a loved one or a complete stranger, getting a hand-written letter shows a service member that someone is thinking about them and taking the time to send a personal message while they are away. Letters of support, news from back home, or even drawings can be treasured possessions for men and women serving overseas.

8. Hot Sauce

Photo credit: Operation Support Our Troops — America

For a lot of service members, hot sauce is better than gold while deployed overseas. It can transform bland food and MREs into something tasty and can be shared with other service members. A popular and easy to send version of this item is hot sauce packets from fast food restaurants since they’re small, portable and easy to ship or carry. Other popular condiments include honey, ketchup and mustard. For a more personal touch, sending local hot sauce or barbecue sauce can have the same effect but with a taste of home added for good measure!

9. Games

Photo credit: Operation Support Our Troops — America

Service overseas can get boring at times, and while movies or television are a great distraction, sometimes its great to have something more interactive to pass the time. Games are great because they provide both that distraction and entertainment, as well as being a group activity. A pack of cards is a great item to include in any care package, since they are so versatile (so many games to play). Other games like crossword or puzzle books are easy to send as well.

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