Support Our Troops With These Care Package Ideas

4. Food

Photo credit: Operation Support Our Troops — America

Living off of MREs alone can get pretty rough after a while, and while the military keeps the troops fed they could always use a little more — especially when it comes to protein. Our service members do a lot of hard work every day and that requires the fuel to keep the body going. Luckily, there are some great, protein-packed items that you can send in care packages. One of the most popular is beef jerky, which comes in lots of different varieties and sizes. Other protein items include energy bars and granola bars, canned meat like tuna, chicken or Spam, and summer sausage.

5. Wet Wipes

Photo credit: Operation Support Our Troops — America

Baby wipes or wet wipes are extremely popular with deployed service members and, like other items on this list, serve a variety of purposes. Wipes are great for personal hygiene uses, but they can also be used just to clean off some sand or dirt in a hurry. They also help keep the skin from getting too dry or irritated. Bottom line, wet wipes are just a great thing to have.

6. Entertainment

Photo credit: Operation Support Our Troops — America

Service overseas isn’t all combat action and active duty. There’s a lot of down time when troops are just sitting around, so it’s great to have some entertainment to occupy the time. Movies are a great thing to send in a care package, and this is one item that always gets a lot of use and is shared with lots of other service members. Movies and television shows can be sent on DVDs, USB drives or even full hard drives filled with stuff to watch. Comedies are especially appreciated since they can help distract from the serious side of being deployed.

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